[After Hunting Plains (Caelwyn 2/5)]

  1. Thank you for the information. - Charisma
  2. I would not have done anything "rash". - Will

[After Nethir Forest (Caelwyn 3/5)]

  1. What can you tell me about Vuldreth. - Doesn't affect anything, still can go for 2nd option after that
  2. Why must we intervene. - Wisdom

After that:

  1. She seems trustworthy. - Charisma
  2. I don't know her well enough to say. - Wisdom
  3. I am suspicious of her motives. - Perception

[After Quistan's Home (Brenadine 1/5)]

  1. We'll help you find it. - Charisma
  2. You need it to help us. We gain nothing by stealing it. - Wisdom
  3. I'm insulted that you would accuse us. - Will

[After Siren Woods (Brenadine 3/5)]

  1. Jalia had good intentions. - Charisma
  2. You defended your home when you were attacked, Quistan. - Perception
  3. When it comes to war, it's important to think before you act. - Wisdom
  4. Jalia shouldn't have meddled. - Will

[After Kianshen Cliffs (Brenadine 4/5)]

  1. The druids are responsible for their war, not you. - Perception
  2. You acted rashly. Be more cautious in the future. - Wisdom

[After Erynn (Erynn 1/5)]

  1. No. - Nothing!
  2. I am an immortal. - Nothing!
  3. In the past, I've been called a Kaitan. - Perception
  4. I will not answer you. - Will

After that:

  1. I remember all those that I have killed. - Charisma
  2. I have only fought against the forces of evil. - Wisdom
  3. You have killed just as many. - Perception
  4. Once you are dead, I will kill no more. - Will

[After Cavern of Du'khan (Erynn 4/5)]

  1. After tea and crumpets, the wyrm agreed to leave peacefully. - Charisma
  2. I brought home lots of wyrm meat for everyone. - Charisma
  3. I killed wyrm, if that's what you're asking. - Will
  4. Fighting dangerous beasts is not a laughing matter. - Will

[After Shimchaw Jungle (Shimchaw 1/5)]

  1. To her, I am the one causing this suffering. - Perception
  2. It shows that her intentions are good. - Charisma
  3. Berelorn is misguided. I have regained my free will. - Will
  4. She is causing the very suffering she seeks to prevent. - Wisdom

[After The Swamplands (Shimchaw 3/5)]

  1. Can't they both work together? - Doesn't affect anything, still can go for another option.
  2. Quistan should lead the final group. - Perception
  3. Dazo should lead the final group. - Wisdom

[After Lorthinian (Shimchaw 5/5)]

  1. I am defeating my enemies, but not stealing their souls. - Perception
  2. I don't kill just to gain power. - Wisdom
  3. Berelorn caused wars, I am fighting for peace. - Charisma
  4. I will continue to grow in power until you are dead. - Will

After that:

  1. Everywhere i have fought is now in peace. - Perception
  2. There will always be something more powerful out there to fight. - Wisdom
  3. You are wrong. I am in control. - Will
  4. I will never reach that point. I don't take pleasure from killing - Charisma

After that:

  1. I trust Caduel fully. - Charisma
  2. He has deceived me in the past. I don't know his plans. - Perception
  3. He intents to dispose of the soulstone. - Nothing!
  4. I'm not answering your questions. - Will

[After Outer City Realms (Ailedinlu 5/5)]

  1. Why don't you tell me what you think my purpose is? - Perception
  2. I will bring peace to this land. - Charisma
  3. I will decide my own fate. - Wisdom
  4. My purpose is to stop you. - Will

After that:

  1. Love. - Charisma
  2. Hate. - Will
  3. Envy. - Perception
  4. Death. - Wisdom

After that:

  1. You brought me here just to tell me this? - Nothing!
  2. You are "dead" wrong. Haha. - Charisma
  3. You may be right, but that won't change my plans - Nothing!
  4. Let me leave this place. - Nothing!

[After Outer Thaldroth (Thaldroth 1/6)]

  1. He would never willingly harm us. - Wisdom
  2. It seems that Caduel has betrayed us. - Perception

[After Outer River of Fire (Thaldroth 2/6)]

  1. Sound like a good news to me! - Charisma
  2. I'm guessing there's a catch here. - Perception