Q: Is this a good game?

A: Yes, if you are happy with an anwser from people who love this game. Play to see it for yourself!

Q: What kind of game is this?

A: Multiplayer, RPG, turn based, strategy, tactical, adventure.

Q: Which immortal should I choose?

A: They are all pretty well balanced.

Q: Which immortal is the most newbie friendly?

A: Most people say: Dryad.

Q: Are there free to play Immortals?

A: Yes.

Q: How do I unlock Immortals?

A: You unlock Immortals by buying each of them for 750 Radiance.

Q: How do I earn Radiance?

A: You can buy Radiance with kreds or earn one Radiance for killing two monsters up to 5 levels below your total level.

Q: Where can I check my bonus Attributes?

A: You can check in "Immortals" page