Magic and Divine Items 

Magic and Divine items are dropped by monsters when they are defeated. Each item has a random number of Attribute Modifiers. Magic items have between 1-3 attribute modifiers, and Divine items have between 4-6. Every item type has equal chances of dropping. 

Each attribute modifier has a minimum and maximum value associated with it, and value for a dropped item is randomly chosen between the maximum and minimum. As the item level increases, the maximum value an attribute can have also increases, but the minimum stays the same. 


New Maximum = (Maximum - Minimum) * (Item Level / 50) + Minimum 


A level 18 Magic sword drops. It randomly selects 1 attribute modifier - Damage. A sword's damage range is between 10-200. Since this item is level 18 out of 50, the actual maximum random value is (200 - 10)*(18/50) + 10 = 78. A random number is now picked between 10-78 and the Sword gets that damage modifier.